DUNBAR AREA, Vancouver

Mid-Century Modern Transformation. Transforming a 1950’s home into a modern take on a cooking and lounge area. Joining the entire home with a glass partition that opens up a continuous garden view throughout.

  • Door Style: LEICHT Stone Cotta and Stone Fossena
  • Door Style: LEICHT Timber Raw Copper Oak
  • Breakfast Bar: LEICHT Solid Walnut
  • Countertop: Caesarstone Fresh Concrete
  • Sink: Julien custom sink workstation
  • Faucets: Dorn Bracht LOT faucet and spray
  • Appliances: Gaggenau full appliance package
  • Lighting: Karice Mini Fuse Triple Pendant
The kitchen structure is integrated into the post beams. The lounge, bar and kitchen area blends smoothly in. Lines, lines and lines. The sharp angles of Bauhaus proportions are offset with rounded custom made Karice light pendants, which are a tip of a hat to client’s love of automobiles, and a custom made duct cover.
The TV area has a seamlessly integrated small home office, pantry, laundry and bar. The kitchen is made of Stone and Timber doors and has full Gaggenau package. The wall was opened up to create the glass partition into living room. Julien custom workstation sink, and a Dorn Bracht faucet that blends with the post beam, make life simple and elegant during prep and cleanup. Caesarstone Fresh Concrete stone keeps things elegant and functional.
Internal storage solutions hide a myriad of cutlery, utensils and pots. A new lease on life, a view never seen before – that’s the client’s trust in our kitchen designers.
Beautiful Timber doors hide everything. Function, Elegance, Harmony