NDM Project

NDM Kitchen.  The most durable white Fenix surfaces surround the natural beauty of rustic wild Alpine Oak.

  • Style: LEICHT PRIMO with powder-coated handles
  • Door Style: LEICHT F45 in frosty white
  • Door Style: LEICHT MADERO in wild oak alpine
  • Backsplash: Glass on MADERO in wild oak alpine
  • Appliances: Miele in white colour
It's like Fire and Ice when you don't turn on the overhead light. The warmth of the kitchen hearth borders on the cold lighting of the giant aquarium.
This kitchen combines modern-style elements and architectural lines with the natural materials of a cozy traditional home.
This is how LEICHT MADERO wild oak alpine doors look in combination with white surfaces of countertops, cabinets and handles in the colour of white cabinets
To keep this rustic and cozy look we used an oak panel on the backsplash but protected it with glass. LEICHT powder-coated metal shelves with integrated LED strips on the backsplash are beautiful, extremely durable, and easy to clean.
What could be tastier than spring water hidden in a designated niche and stored in a wicker bottle basket with an exposed pouring pump?
From the dining room, you can see how the planter is built into the countertop and bar top.