T90 Dining table

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The dining table T 90 is available in two designs, as a column table or a 4-leg version, and invites you to eat, chat or just rest. Many features of this modern table system can be personalised. Your preferences in terms of material and colour are directly applied to the design. Matching or contrasting the elegant table top, the covers on the side of the frame repeat the selected finish into the substructure. The extension mechanism is made from high-quality aluminium and is very easy to operate.


This particular table top is ceramic storm Nero 6mm thickness and has an extension with matching tops. Fenix black base with Walnut inserts. Base is powder coated anthracite. 2023 Collection. 8-10 people.



Designer furniture from a leader in European modern design – Hülsta, a multiple international design award winner including red dot award 2019 for Hülsta Solid furniture line. According to a survey, Hülsta is Europe’s best-known furniture manufacturer brand (source: GfK, Nuremberg). In the meantime, the level of recognition in the German market reached approximately 60% and 80% in the premium segment (source Allensbach Institute).


220 national and international patents for inventions in the furniture sector. They include the softened automatic pull-in device for drawers based on smoothly running guide rails featuring quadro ball bearings, which Hülsta sells under the name of “hülsta-SoftFlow”. In 2008, Hülsta registered a patent for a high-gloss lacquer surface that hardens withinseconds under UV light. The EverGloss lacquering technology set a new benchmark for the durability of high-gloss surfaces.


Furniture production uses environmentally friendly lacquer and adhesives to ensure a healthy climate – both in your home and outside. Since 1996, Hülsta is entitled to label all of modular furniture and base frames with the strictly regulated “Blue Angel“, which awards products that are low in emissions and especially environmentally friendly.


Hülsta ensures that the wood comes from responsibly managed sustainable sources and the factory doesn’t use any tropical wood. This not only saves the rain forests but also shortens transportation, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.