Made in Vancouver, BC, Canada

100% Canadian manufacturing

A custom lighting and metalwork manufacturer that is located just outside of Vancouver, BC. Karice is a team of designers and fabricators who create custom lighting fixtures that push creative boundaries and realize the unimaginable. Karice Enterprises Ltd. has been creating custom lighting and metalwork installations across North America since 1993.

Bringing your ideas to LIGHT

A vast portfolio reflects a diverse client base from around the world. Most of Karice’s work consists of original handcrafted pieces, but the company also welcomes large production runs. Karice has the capacity and creativity to produce even the most challenging concepts with efficiency and excellence.


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Germanhaus Vancouver

Located in the "Design District" of Vancouver, Germanhaus features 2000 sq.ft. of premium and luxury German-made kitchens, appliances, and furniture. A large variety of stone and tile selection as well as premium hardware for your kitchens and bathrooms. Custom-made cabinetry for the entire home.
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